interview with me

Monday, July 21, 2003

My name is Ahmad Ismail. I live in Al-Smha town, and my favourite hobbies are swimming , football and traveling to different countries such as Salala in Oman. In monsoon in Salala, the weather is different and very fantastic. And I also hope to visit Japan . I hope to be an engineer. My best friend is Hasan Ali. He likes scuba diving.


Abu Dhabi is the capital of the UAE. It lies on the Arabian Gulf. It's a green city.

Dubai is a nice city. It's an important trade center in the Middle East

AL SAMHA is a very fantastic town. The people there are very polite and respectable. Some people work in the desert where they take care of camels and goats. Other people work in the sea doing work such as fishing. Al Samha lies between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. I advice you vist Al Smha town because you can enjoy on your times.

I went yesterday Al Ruwais city with my friends , and i see engineers and he talk me about petroleum manufacture in Al Ruwais factory for borouge and we went Al Ruwais house guest because launch time , after that we playing pool and tennis table in Al Ruwais club.

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